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Xuzhou Pei vegetables agricultural science and technology limited company (formerly Jiangsu County of Suining province Gupi vegetable seed station (gold sponge gourd Research Institute) is a company engaged in non major crop seed breeding, introduction, and gold sponge gourd production, research, promotion, distribution and characteristics of crop base construction of specialized agricultural industry company. The business involves all provinces and municipalities, and has established good cooperative relations with several research institutions and famous agricultural companies. By the national Industrial and Commercial Bureau, registered trademark of "Pi" trademark "shot hit gold vegetable mix cucumber" and "Xu Ke" by the state Industrial and Commercial Bureau registration, National Intellectual Patent Bureau awarded the "dwarf dwarf gold sponge gourd new patents," patent No. Z003010020.1, CCTV 7, the Ministry of Science and technology to our field investigation and interview times, agriculture the Department of product quality supervision and testing center testing and identification, won the Zhongke innovation technology achievement award. The Ministry of agriculture focuses on the promotion of varieties, Xuzhou famous agricultural products, well-known brands in China market, Jiangsu rights demonstration unit and 2013 modern agricultural products of China, such as the ten major innovations.
CCTV 7 respectively in June 24, 2009 and July 11, 2013 and July 3, 2014 at 21:46 on the 7 sets of CCTV "daily agricultural" column group of national reports on the spot shot hit the shot hit gold sponge gourd varieties, won the national gold sponge gourd growers like, consumers at home, by the leaders at all levels of love.
It is the farmers, scientists took the gold sponge gourd senior agronomist, senior engineer, researcher, founder and cultivate gold sponge gourd cultivation research Wu Yingwen, cultivating the "Pei vegetables" brand series of dwarf dwarf shoot hit gold sponge gourd overcomes many disadvantages of the ordinary gold sponge gourd was launched, to warmly welcome the masses of farmers, has a record of social hundreds of million yuan of economic benefits. Comrade Wu Yingwen, in 1974, Xuzhou Pei vegetable agricultural science and technology limited company (former Suining County of Jiangsu province Gupi vegetable seed station (Research Institute director, gold sponge gourd) over the past 30 years has been engaged in research, development, promotion of vegetable crops and breeding and cultivation of the gold sponge gourd, after years of breeding, select the "dwarf hybrid mutation no man" "Grilled wire" gold sponge gourd, and named "shot hit, as the senior gold sponge gourd" gold sponge gourd vegetable breeding and cultivation post agronomist. Professional leaders with gold sponge gourd breeding, presided over the research and solve the major technical problems in research and production and strong scientific research organization, coordination and management ability, study assiduously professional level, beginning in 1989 the creation of the gold sponge gourd breeding. As the subject of host and the leading person, has completed 15 scientific research and develop the local standards of Jiangsu province "pollution-free products - shot hit production management" technical specification for gold sponge gourd a. Achieve 12 achievements in scientific research. Won the "dwarf dwarf" natural fan utility patent gold sponge gourd cultivation, patent No.: ZL00301020.1. Chinese won the outstanding innovation achievements of science and technology award, and was awarded the gold medal, won the Jiangsu Province agricultural product integrity rights demonstration units, won the first prize for scientific and technological progress, a two award three, award of progress of science and technology of a city. CCTV, the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of science and technology to the interview investigation, incubation, UFO gold sponge gourd melon, melon, pumpkin, ornamental incense, muskmelon, cabbage, radish and other 30 varieties, to reach the domestic advanced level, leading the province

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